30 + Years of Support

For more than 30 years, the St. Anne School Foundation has been committed to ensuring that the facilities and resources of St. Anne Catholic School support the exceptional teaching staff and provide an academically enriching environment for students.Foundation support has included scholarships for students and faculty; matching grants to complete the Ideal Classroom project that updated and enhanced all the classrooms in the school; and annual grants for needs-based tuition assistance, faculty continuing education, fine arts programs, classroom enhancements and technology needs.

Philanthropy that Engages Both Donor and Recipient

Today, the St. Anne School Foundation raises funds through – an Annual Gala supported by parents and parishioners in the St. Anne Community and beyond. In addition, the Foundation manages and administers more than 20 student and faculty scholarship funds.

The Foundation also conducts special campaigns such as the Father John Robbins Bourse Scholarship that supports the enriching diversity of the school through tuition assistance to families in financial need.  As a parish school, St. Anne Catholic School strives to help children have the opportunity to receive a Catholic education regardless of their financial circumstances.  The Foundation is pleased to support the socio-economic diversity of the school.

Established in 1982 as a Non-profit Organization

The St. Anne School Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that was established by the pastor and parishioners of the St. Anne Catholic Community in 1982.  Governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of parents from St. Anne Catholic School and parishioners and the pastor from the St. Anne Catholic Community, the Foundation today manages assets exceeding $3 million annually.

The mission of the St. Anne School Foundation is to solicit, receive and administer funds to maintain and strengthen the learning environment that St. Anne Catholic School provides for the parish and the community. The goals of the St. Anne School Foundation are to:

1.  Provide an annual grant to support the school’s operating needs.

2.  Continue to build endowment to ensure the school’s financial stability.

3.  Award scholarships to encourage spirituality, academic excellence, diversity and community service.