Father John Robbins Bourse Scholarship

Supporting Diversity at St. Anne for 11 Years

For the past 11 years, a small group of champions representing the Bourse Scholarship for Diversity has worked hand-in-hand with the St. Anne Catholic School and with ongoing administrative support from the St. Anne School Foundation to provide financial support to diverse families in need. The Bourse Scholarship fund was created to ensure that our school remains a place reflective of Houston’sincredible diversity. 

The Bourse is a unique support mechanism and safety net for families undergoing temporary or ongoing financial needs for single children and/or sibling groups wanting to attend St. Anne Catholic School. As we have learned over the past several years those needs can sometimes be very unexpected. It is in times like these that

a special scholarship like the Bourse can make a very big difference in the lives of families in our community. We hope you will join

us with a renewed resolve to prioritize education that is equitable, inclusive, and just for all students!

What is the Father John Robbins Bourse Scholarship?

The term bourse references a French word literally meaning purse. The Father John Robbins Bourse Scholarship was established at Father John’s request to support the firmly held belief of the Basilian Fathers as well as the St. Anne Catholic Community that St. Anne Catholic School reflects the enriching diversity of the city of Houston. The Bourse enables the school, with additional support from the St. Anne School Foundation, to offer tuition assistance to families of diversity with financial need.

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Fostering And Promoting Inclusiveness

Father John Robbins believed strongly in the commitment that the St. Anne Catholic Community be a place where the presence of the living Christ can be witnessed through  profound hospitality, respect and love for all. As a ministry of the St. Anne Catholic Community, St. Anne Catholic School is committed to offering its students academic excellence in a nurturing environment. Father John’s Bourse Scholarship, a part of the St. Anne School Foundation, enables the school administration to offer supplemental tuition assistance to families in financial need.


Ensuring Accessibility

St. Anne Catholic School is a place where the uniqueness of each child is embraced and the diversity of the student body is celebrated. It was Father John’s wish that the Foundation develop the Father John Robbins Bourse Scholarship  in his memory, in support of maintaining this enriching diversity of the student body at St. Anne Catholic School. Today the school consists of 53.6% Caucasian, 25.4% Hispanic, 11% African American, 8.5% Asian and 2.7% Bi-Racial students. Father John believed that this enriching diversity is a necessary component of the Catholic atmosphere in which students have the opportunity to grow into responsible members of the Body of Christ.


Sustaining A Unique, Diverse Community

Father John was proud of the rich tradition and unwavering mission at St. Anne Catholic Community. The school administration works tirelessly to develop each student academically, spiritually, culturally and physically in a Catholic environment. He was proud of the students who graduate with the knowledge and values necessary for achievement in today’s complex and diverse world.


The Scholarship For Diversity Needs Your Support

The success of the Father John Robbins Bourse Scholarship depends on the kind contributions of the St. Anne Community. For more information, please contact the Foundation office.

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