Throughout the years, caring donors have helped fund scholarships for students and faculty through the St. Anne School Foundation. Today, the Foundation provides more than 20 merit-based and needs-based scholarships on an annual basis for students and faculty at St. Anne Catholic School.

The Foundation is pleased to recognize students for their outstanding achievements and to support the socio-economic diversity of the school so that children have the opportunity to receive a quality Catholic education regardless of their financial circumstances. Foundation scholarships, as well as the needs-based tuition assistance provided through the Foundation’s Annual Grant, help the school fund the more than 70% of students who receive some form of tuition assistance and/or discounts.

In addition to the Father John Robbins Bourse Scholarships, the Foundation annually provides 20 student and faculty scholarships.  These scholarships provided funds totaling more than $95,600 for the 2014-2015 school year.

Here are just a few samples of the heartfelt thanks from the scholarship recipients:

“I really appreciate the money for my scholarship.  It means a lot to me and my family.  Thank you.”

St. Anne Catholic School Student

“I wouldn’t have been able to have all three of my children continue at St. Anne’s without these scholarships.  You’re helping to provide the continuity that we really need.”

St. Anne Catholic School Parent     

The Foundation currently manages more than $1 million dollars in scholarship funds.  Contributions to the scholarships help to extend the longevity of the scholarship funds for the benefit of generations of students to come.

For more information about needs-based tuition assistance and/or selection of scholarship recipients, contact St. Anne Catholic School, by email or by phone 713-526-3279.